too less attention


The beloved Hopalong Cassidy, a badly 

desired piece for metal toys collectors

Fanciers of metal toys as well as lovers of swoppets hardly 

take notice of this field of collecting. For exampel Bertel Bruun 

writes in his book, that solid plastic figures are by no means as

attractive as the hollow-casts. The big community of swoppet

collectors only estimates particular pieces to be of interest.

The mustangs sold in the swoppet era e.g. were made of one

piece. They are no swoppets, unless  they are attached 

to a basis of different coloured plastics, which is very hard to find.

But they are no solids either, because the paint is missing. Only 

in exceptional cases swoppets were painted during that time.

Some non sowppet pieces of the farm series are badly wanted 

by the swoppet collectors, because they were sold in a set

together with the swoppets.

Hopalong Cassidy less longed for, because made

of solid plastic