Why all TIMPO figures are in danger


In the prospect of 1955 the plastic material is called „polythene“, 

in Mr. Plath's book you can read the exact composition of this 

so called „bay blend“. In 1955 the figures were described to be 

handpainted and unbreakable. The Material, then invented for 

the short life of childrens' toys, is in our times a pity for

collectors, as Richard O’Brian complains about in his book. 

Some collectors recognize Timpo-plastics by its smell. Now it 

is acclaimed to be harmfull. The gradual turning to gas of the 

softener makes the figures extremely brittle contrary to 

claims of the producer. Collectors of metal figures,

which actually have a long life time, turn up their noses about

plastics. The using of dreaded chalk is made responsible for 

the brittleness. The second complaint of solids collectors is the

flaking off of the original colour. The material contains grease,

which is a fact that also makes it very difficult to glue broken

figures. The fat rubs off the colour when it comes up to the

surface of the material. Collectors of course only accept

original painted items to be collectible.

the colour flakes off, the figure brittles ...