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  Stad's Toys (homepage by Paul Stadinger) TIMPO catalogue from the seventies
  Coolniro`s Conversions Collecting Toy Soldiers
literature Dominique Pascal: Collectible Toy Soldiers, New York 2003 James Opie: British Toy Soldiers 1893 to the Present, 1989
  Bertel Bruun: Toy Soldiers Identification and Price Guide, New York 1994 Alfred Plath: TIMPO TOYS Ltd. Die goldenen Jahre einer schottischen Spielzeugfabrik, Alpen 2005
  Michael Maughan: The A to Z of TIMPO, Carlisle 2003 Plastic Warrior: Timpo Solid Figure Check List, Woking, Surrey 2003
  Norman Joplin: Spielzeugsoldaten, Köln 1998 Norman Joplin: The Great Book of Hollow-Cast Figures, London 1999
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