"Made in England" - how TIMPO figures were marked 


Britains was the first to safe their figures from beeing copied by marking them "England".

TIMPO-experts know how to recognize their subjects. The basis of the swoppets is signed with the 

trade mark "TIMPO Toys". Plastic solids that were cast with a hollowcast mould are similar.

Below the basis the mark "TIMPO ENGLAND" or "TIMPO MADE IN ENGLAND"

can be found.

Some solids-figurines have a blank basis. They are marked on the backside of their bodies with the

word "ENGLAND", which sometimes is hard to find under the colour that peels off.

Unfortunately some other producers used the mark "ENGLAND" too, but the type of the letters 

TIMPO used is uneasily mistaken.

Most of the solids that came out of moulds made for plastic castings are marked similar to 

the swoppets on the upper side of their basis "MADE IN ENGLAND".

Nobody seems to wonder, how long TIMPO Toys kept this mark, though the firm left England in 1964.

The new production buildings were in Shotts, Scotland. To produce figures "Made in England" 

must have been a provocation for the Scotish people who were employed by TIMPO. It took a couple 

of years until the basis of the figures was correctly marked "Great Britain".